The Latest In Fashion Jewelry Trends


Fashion jewelry trends come and go faster than the wind blows, it seems. What is hot in jewelry one year isn’t even in fashion the next. So, what are the current trends in fashion jewelry and where are things headed?

Predicting the future in trendy looking jewelry is basically impossible to do. But, with that said we can take a look at where things seem to be headed.

The punk look is dying out. For many, this is good news and a blessing at that. It looks as if costume jewelry is becoming the new “in” look now.

Sparkling jewelry that really stands out is becoming hot. The more glittering the better.

Rhinestones are also making a comeback of sorts as the girly look is becoming more prominent today.

Bracelets on both wrists that sparkle seem to be fashionable as well.

Fashion jewelry that isn’t in right now includes large chains, toe rings and big earrings. Small chains are fine, and always will be for that matter. Silver seems to be the color of choice.

Classic styles such as single stone diamond earrings and pendants are always in fashion. The same can be said for rubies and emeralds.

White or black pearls are also popular in single strand necklaces or earrings. While not as dazzling or sparkling, pearls always give someone a chic look and appeal.

This is where we are currently in the fashion jewelry world. But, if this is not your style just wait a little as things will undoubtedly be different by this time next year.


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